We work hard, not only because we love what we do, but we love doing our best for our customers.


“Their attention to detail, quick response times and knowledgeable staff have been a huge asset to our growth. We know we can rely on them to provide a high quality, custom product.”


“The pieces all fit perfectly together with the studs...all lined up to perfection! Thank you all for your excellent craftsmanship! It’s sitting in the jig if you want to see it...let me know. Thank you all!”


“Thank you (CLS) for your support over the years. CLS has always been supportive when we find ourselves in a jam.”


“Thank you very much for the last turn of sheet metal in only 3 days! We appreciate your support! I just wanted to say that you guys did an outstanding job. Thanks for the great attention to detail!”


“I am very happy with how all is progressing. I feel like I have a real supportive group at CLS and appreciate that it is coming from all levels: ranging from those upstairs to the crew on the floor. Thanks!”