Versatility With Warehouse Automation

The growing demand for rapid and effective warehouse automation has increased the requirement for qualified partners that can offer complete metal fabrication capabilities to help create and design the warehouse automation production lines matching your software implementation solutions. This is where CLS Fabrication excels as a top-tier provider of metal fabrication services for software startups.

CLS Fabrication has been the go-to partner for enterprises aiming to integrate their cutting-edge innovation into their warehouse automation operations by prioritizing metal fabrication services. From major retailers to logistics providers, our metal fabrication solutions for companies involved in tracking and delivery-based statistical analysis system (SAS) software is gradually transforming the industry.

CLS Fabrication Capabilities

At CLS Fabrication, we provide a diverse set of versatile capabilities designed to fulfill the unique requirements of warehouse automation companies. With our ability to handle every job aspect, we are the right partner for businesses seeking a fabrication solution. Our services include the following:

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting  employs a concentrated laser beam to cut metal sheets. CLS Fabrication can generate complex forms and patterns with great accuracy using cutting-edge laser technology. This guarantees that each component meets the specified requirements.

CNC Press Brake Forming

CNC press brake forming uses a computer-controlled hydraulic press brake to fold metal into different shapes. Our automated control ensures the technique is extremely precise and repeatable, resulting in consistent quality and a reduced error rate.

CNC Machining

CNC machining is best known for its incredible precision and efficiency, allowing for intricate parts with tight tolerances. Our machining services encompass various techniques — such as drilling, tapping, counter-boring, and chamfering — allowing us to produce components that match exacting standards.

Rivet and Fastener Assembly

Rivet assembly involves the insertion of a cylindrical metal pin through the parts to be joined and then deforming it to create a permanent connection. In contrast, fasteners use a threaded shaft to secure the pieces together. At CLS Fabrication, we prioritize the integrity and reliability of the final product by using secure fastening techniques to join multiple components together.


Finishing is applying final treatments to a metal part to enhance its appearance, durability, and functionality. CLS Fabrication offers various finishing services — including powder coating and deburring — to ensure that every feature is corrosion-resistant, aesthetically pleasing, and durable.


Welding is a flexible technique that uses heat and pressure to permanently connect two or more materials. Our experienced welders are proficient in various welding methods, enabling us to join different materials and create strong, long-lasting welds.

Consulting Partnership

CLS Fabrication provides clients with a consulting partnership that entails a collaborative process of creating, recommending improvements, re-designing, and continuously adjusting plans. The partnership approach allows for continued support beyond the project completion. This procedure also builds the solution, bringing the designs from the intellectual property domain into the field of physical property.

Our strategy aims to provide the client with a partner who offers the required services and contributes to the creation and enhancement of the product. Besides, our niche lies in taking a startup company with warehouse automation concepts in place and becoming its turnkey solution.

Previous Projects

Here are some examples of products that CLS Fabrication has previously fabricated:

  • Steel plate stand designed for a robotic arm: This involved machining a large, thick steel chassis, plate, and tube for precise hole placement. It was also welded for structural soundness and powder-coated with a zinc-rich primer to avoid long-term corrosion.
  • Angled divider panels: This required laser forming, rivet assembly, and CNC press brake-formed guide rails for precise angles crucial for moving parts’ smooth motion. They were also made of pre-coated steel sheets (Galvanneal).
  • Angled tube anchoring monorail track: This was made of angle-cut square tubes and slots. It was also powder-coated for durability.
  • Mobile stand for a wheeled robotic arm: This was used to unload trucks without human interaction. This project involved a mix of a large steel plate, structural C-channel, tube, and formed sheet metal with a wheel assembly.
  • Chutes/Slides: These were made of sheet metal that required laser cutting, CNC press brake, and deburring to ensure a slick surface.

Choose CLS Fabrication for Exceptional Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

At CLS Fabrication, we don’t just provide fabrication services — we invest in new technologies and adapt to meet our client’s evolving needs! We can also deliver custom metal components that meet your specifications with our industry knowledge and cutting-edge machinery.

Contact us for all your precision sheet metal processing, sheet metal, and structural fabrication needs!